Surely, anyone who is seriously exploring the possibility of investing in a franchise would look for an industry which offers practically unlimited potential for growth and high returns, with relatively low start-up costs and overheads, and this is precisely what a SUPERSEAL franchise offers. Initially, your painting and decorating franchise can easily be run from home with a minimal number of permanent staff. There is no need for huge capital outlay, as specialised equipment such as scaffolding, high-pressure cleaners, spray machines and even ladders can be hired at affordable rates. Stock is purchased on a job-by-job basis and often only needs to be paid for long after your clients have paid you. The market for painting will continue to grow year on year as new houses and buildings are constructed, suburbs expand, and new sales are made in old areas.

The amount of paint sold for the decorative market in South Africa, is thought to be in the region of between R5,2-R5,6 billion annually (for 2015). On average, the material costs of paint constitutes around 35% of the total cost of a painting project and for this reason, some have estimated the Painting Contracting market (redecoration and new construction) to be worth around R12-R12.6 billion annually in South Africa.

When you make the decision to invest in a SUPERSEAL franchise, you are not just putting money into a business opportunity, but a proven system, with processes that work and that will help you to extract the most from this large industry. At SUPERSEAL, we are proud of what we do for our customers, but we are even more proud of the opportunities we provide to franchisees. Our reach throughout South Africa makes us a premier name in the painting industry. Make sure your next investment is a sound one; the opportunity and potential for lifelong success is only a phone call away. Call Craig on 021 001 SEAL to discuss franchise opportunities.