Frequently Asked Questions

How many staff will I need to hire?

A SUPERSEAL Franchise Consultant will help you establish the appropriate number of staff for your Franchise Territory, and will also guide you through the process of scaling your workforce up or down for specific jobs. Initially, you can expect to operate comfortably with a team 4 to 6 experienced painters.

Will I need to rent premises?

The SUPERSEAL Franchise model is designed to be operated comfortably from a home office with the option to expand to a commercial premises once turnover exceeds a certain yearly threshold.

Will I need to purchase a vehicle?

Yes, it is important that SUPERSEAL Franchisees are able to efficiently transport staff and materials to and from site and for this reason it is recommended that Franchisees invest in a light commercial vehicle, which will also allow you claim the VAT back. However, it is possible to operate the business using your private vehicle initially.

How will I succeed if I don’t have any painting experience?

SUPERSEAL will equip you with all the technical expertise necessary to operate a successful painting franchise through hands-on training and mentorship.

Which products will I be using?

Although SUPERSEAL prefer to use Optima Coatings products, we also use other top suppliers, including Midas Paints, Plascon, Dulux and Prominent Paints, and we do of course accommodate client preference.

How much money can I expect to make?

For more information including financial projections, contact a SUPERSEAL Franchise Consultant today to schedule a one-on-one meeting.