Frequently Asked Questions

How do you estimate a job? Do you have an estimating system?

We have cloud-based estimating software which you as a franchise owner can use immediately. This software can work on a tablet or a desktop. We have set this software up for standards that calculate the total number of hours and total litres of paint (i.e. rounded up to 5l or 20l to be ordered) that a specific job will take.

How do you avoid the up front mistakes?

The truth is, no matter how prepared you are, mistakes are inevitable. However, we have Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for every aspect of your business. Our business system and franchise manual will hopefully prepare you sufficiently to at least reduce the expensive mistakes.

How many staff will I need to hire?

A SUPERSEAL Franchise Consultant will help you establish the appropriate number of staff for your Franchise Territory, and will also guide you through the process of scaling your workforce up or down for specific jobs. Initially, you can expect to operate comfortably with a team 4 to 6 experienced painters.

Will I need to rent premises?

The SUPERSEAL Franchise model is designed to be operated comfortably from a home office with the option to expand to a commercial premises once turnover exceeds a certain yearly threshold. However, you need to be aware of your neighbours and the rules that apply to your area with regard to operating a business from home. Although you will never have clients popping into your premises, we do recommend that if you have a storage facility near your premises, where ladders, materials and equipment can be kept and possibly even vehicles parked overnight, this may be a better option. All administration can be done from home. If you are part of a home owners association or body corporate, you will need to seek the necessary permission.

What is the best way to go about getting work?

We will provide you with a number of marketing strategies that will assist in generating leads – you should never rely on just one strategy. We have already built a website, we have invested in flyers that really work, door to door sales, direct mail, referrals, lawn signs, and networking. Whatever marketing you do, the effectiveness is the most important thing to look out for. You pay 5% of your revenue to us for marketing spend that is designed to assist in generating sales? That includes google adverts, membership of trade associations and printing of pamphlets. If you are spending more than 15% of your revenue on marketing and are not getting a decent return, then you are doing something wrong.

How do you you get around door-to-door marketing, if people accuse you of soliciting?

Every franchise will be given a large map of your area. This street view map should be used for a coordinated attempt at marketing door-to-door. Smaller maps can be used for actual marketing. We are not going door-to-door to sell a particular product, but merely to deliver a message about our company and our services. If someone is adamant that you cannot continue, then apologize profusely. If you are in a home owners association or an area where there are specific rules, it is best to follow them. Your target market is middle to upper class family neighbourhoods, where people take care of their homes and are usually the owners.

What time of year is best to start/finish door-to-door marketing?

Start marketing in mid-August and market until mid-March each year. It depends where you live, but you should start marketing just prior to the start of spring and stop just prior to the end of summer.

Will I need to purchase a vehicle?

Yes, it is important that SUPERSEAL Franchisees are able to efficiently transport staff and materials to and from site and for this reason it is recommended that Franchisees invest in a light commercial vehicle (which will also allow you claim the VAT back). However, it is possible to operate the business using your private vehicle initially. We do recommend a Volkswagen Caddy Maxi and can assist you with fleet discounts or obtaining a demo vehicle.

How will I succeed if I don’t have any painting experience?

SUPERSEAL will equip you with all the technical expertise necessary to operate a successful painting franchise through hands-on training and mentorship.

Which products will I be using?

SUPERSEAL use products from the top suppliers such as Dulux and Prominent Paints, and we do of course accommodate client preference.

How much money can I expect to make?

For more information including financial projections, contact a SUPERSEAL Franchise Consultant today to schedule a one-on-one meeting.