You’ll no longer have to worry about having a “bad year” again. You’ll never have to wonder where the next wave of work is coming from. You’ll never have to lose business to the “bakkie-brigade” because you couldn’t match their bargain-basement prices. In fact, you will never have to compete on price alone again.
You’ll never have to look at your shrinking bank balance and say, “Why did I ever get into the painting business in the first place!”
One of the problems with the painting industry for many contactors is the slow, cash-killing, savings-draining winter-slow-down. If you follow the SUPERSEAL  system, you need never againt have those winter anxieties about where the next job is coming from.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you won’t have to work for 10, 15 or 20 years in the painting industry only to discover that you don’t have a business, but a job. In other word’s, you CAN’T SELL YOUR PAINTING BUSINESS! If your business is run on the SUPERSEAL system, not only will their be buyers for your business, but they will be prepared to pay above market value.

You already know that owning a business requires an entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to working hard each and every day. As a painting business owner, you possess key qualities and attributes that we look for in a SUPERSEAL franchisee. We recognise what you are doing right, but we also know how to put in the systems and processes to grow your business faster.

We know it takes superior technical skills, service experience, and downright grit and determination to build a successful painting business and sustain it. A helping hand to get your administration systems on track, assist with customer communication, costing, debt collection, new product knowledge, marketing an brand awareness will help you take your business to the next level much quicker.

We understand how much time you put into every part of your business, from service calls to marketing to equipment maintenance to payroll. It’s a lot.

What if we had a way to take the skill and talent you already have, and combine it with a system that builds you up and helps grow your business? Our business is helping you grow yours, by giving you the tools you need to increase your profitability.

SUPERSEAL will continue to invest in a brand, that will gain national acceptance. Our ongoing marketing support and materials that enhance your visibility to prospective customers and help you bring in new leads. We offer state of the art computer software that makes administrative extremely easy, from producing on-site quotes for your customers to project management reporting.

You immediately have access and the rights to utilise our highly recognized trademarks and marketing materials. You will have access to our online training and learning system for your service representatives, technicians and applicators.

Think about maintaining the independence and control of your business while gaining the security of being part of a larger, national company. Picture what you do every day, and then picture it a little smoother, so you can get to all the areas of the business you never have time for. You will have the opportunity to work ON your business, not IN it.