At Superseal, we offer the opportunity of a lifetime. It is not about the financial investment that you need to make, but we first need to make sure that you are someone that want to also invest in.
We don’t expect our franchise owners to have any prior experience in painting. More important to us is our franchisees uphold certain values, standards and possess specific characteristics.
We believe in living a balanced life, and if you feel you are a fit to be a franchisee, we would love to have you complete the attached Franchise-Application-Form.

Our Ideal Candidate
While we don’t require a potential franchisee to have experience in a specific industry, there are a few things we do ask of them. Our ideal candidate for painting franchise ownership must have:

Financial Stability – While our franchise opportunity is one of low investment, we want to be sure our franchisees have the highest possible chance of succeeding. You would not be under debt review or under sequestration and would have sufficient funds to invest in the initial franchise fees, ongoing license fees and in growing your business. (See Investment)

Motivation, Drive and Passion – In order to franchise with SUPERSEAL, you must have the same drive and passion for the business that we have. Our mission is to act as trusted partners with our customers by providing a consistent professional painting service that meets the SUPERSEAL promise. Sometimes you will get exhausted as you push to meet deadlines, getting quotes out on time and getting up early to ensure that your project begins early.

Character and Values – We have a reputation for excellence and we instill values in our employees and franchise partners, that ensures that our brand can continue to be trusted.

Opportunity Is a Step Away

If you believe you have what it takes to invest in a painting franchise, we’d love to hear from you. See how you can benefit from working with us, and how our nationally recognized brand can help you convert business quickly and effectively. Please complete, scan and email the Franchise-Application-Form.